The birthdate of Plastimo JSCo. is October 4, 1964 when the company started its production activity in the Bulgarian city of Samokov (60 km away from Sofia and 10 km away from Borovets). Entering into it’s fifth decade, Plastimo JSCo. works with the self-confidence of an approved manufacturer and business partner. Along with that we have sharp flair for the rapid development of technology as well as the ever-increasing diversification of consumers’s demand. This is why technological innovation in Plastimo JSCo. is a continuous process and the satisfaction of our customers's specific needs - a must.

In the beginning plastic household articles were produced using the conventional injection molding method. In 1974 for the first time in Bulgaria, Plastimo JSCo. started the processing of expanded polystyrene. During 1975 with the delivery of Blow Molding Machines purchased from the German company Shtaal Blasformtehnik and using the extrusion blast forming method, polyethylene and polypropylene products were produced for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

In 1976 an installation for the production of panels for heat insulation made from expanded polystyrene was delivered from Sweden. Two years later, the production expanded with the introduction of a new Swedish installation for the production of sandwich panels based on Styrofoam and asbestos cement panels. In 1982, with the overcoming of many bureaucratic difficulties and problems, a construction and assembly division for the construction of prefabricated sandwich panels was created. This is how the main technological directions in which the company continues to develop and modernize were formed.

In 1997 for the first time in Bulgaria PLASTIMO starts the production of thin-walled expanded polystyrene packaging by using the injection molding method - disposable cups and pads. Since 2002, a new service has been offered to our customers - six - color offset printing on disposable cups. The production quality is ensured by constant compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000, implemented in 2003. The efficiency of the system has been improved in January 2010 by ISO 9001: 2008 recertification. The high quality of our products can be achieved only with modern and high-tech equipment. In compliance with the requirements of the market and in order to increase our competitiveness in 2004 a new block – form was brought into operation allowing the production of blocks of expanded polystyrene with a density of 9 to 35 kg / m³. With new installation for cutting the blocks, plates of different thicknesses are being manufactured. This covers the whole range of application of thermal insulation - on facades, floors, ceilings.

Following the development of technologies in early 2007 we have began producing Plastimo EPS Neo blocks and plates, manufactured from the innovative product of BASF Neopor ®. They have typical gray color due to the graphite particles incorporated in the polystyrene granules of the raw material. These particles absorb the infrared rays and significantly improve the heat-insulating characteristics of the material. Recognition of the qualities of Plastimo EPS Neo is the awarded gold medal at the International Technical Fair Plovdiv - Autumn 2007.

In the end of 2007, after winning competition under the „Competitiveness“ Grant Scheme, an expander for the primary processing of the raw material necessary for the production of the EPS details and packages was supplied and put into operation.

After successful completion of the won in 2006 consulting grant scheme for the implementation of "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems", at the beginning of 2008 the company was certified under OHSAS 18001. At the same time IS0 14001 "Environmental Management Systems" was also implemented. These two standards, along with the quality management standard, are the basis of Plastimo JSC’s IMS policy - the integrated management system.

The high quality of the manufactured products and the strict adherence to technical standards have provided PLASTIMO JSCo. with the possibility to start and develop large-scale production of expanded polystyrene parts for the automotive industry starting from 2008 until 2011. The management of the technological process fully complies with the requirements of ISO / TS16949: 2010 standard. For these new products Plastimo JSCo. was again awarded a gold medal at the International Technical Fair Plovdiv - 2009.

In 2012 with the aim of expanding our production capacities and with financial aid under OP "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy", a new machine for the production of molded EPS products, a recycling facility for the milling of technological waste and its automatic re-introduction into the production were delivered.

In 2014 after the delivery of new machine, we have an ongoing regular production of packaging and products made of expanded polystyrene with dual densities. This production has no analog in Bulgaria and we are the first to implement it. With the use of dual densities, the strength of the products increases, which makes them the preferable packaging for household appliances. We also have the capability to produce insulating panels from dual layers - EPS - Neo /inner/ and EPS /outer/. The aim is to protect the graphite expanded polystyrene from external influences.

Since 2015 Plastimo JSCo. started regular production of expanded polypropylene (EPP) products. EPP products are characterized by high strength, their durability at high temperatures and constant temperature variations. Until now in Bulgaria these products have never been produced and our ambition is to further develop this production in the country and also export it abroad.

All our successes over the past decades are result of the hard work and high professionalism of Plastimo JSC’s workers, employees and management team.

Following the company's goals and striving for competitiveness are the driving factors for the survival and successful development of PLASTIMO JSCo. over the years.